I'm on the Pursuit of Happiness
Sean Sweeney. 16 years old from New York City. I play soccer and rugby.


instagram: seanybeats

twitter: @seanysweenz
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Tupac holding his middle finger high after being shot.

One of the dopest photo’s i ever seen.

the realest. RIP.

if you don’t reblog this you deserve to be shot by Tupac’s ghost.

That last comment freaked me out so… yeah.
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whatchu want? a milli? fur coat? a diamond chain? all you blacks want all the same things

as he’s wearing a diamond grill…

(Source: yeezusquote, via west-west-yall)

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as long as you don’t follow blogs like electricflowerdaisyprince boyswithnoshirtsswag, tumblr is the best website

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